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- Peter William Lount

20011201 After undergoing maintenance, recovering from a catastrophic disk failure and moving to a new web server I am please to announce that Lount.org is back online with all the information intact and restored.
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Does anyone have a Lount family crest that we could display as a logo?

The Republic Of Canada
Freedom Rebels of 1837
Samuel Lount & Peter Matthews

A documentary film by Peter William Lount. Filmed in 1993, Toronto.

"The Republic of Canada was a declared government proclaimed by William Lyon Mackenzie on December 13, 1837. The self-proclaimed government was established on Navy Island in the Niagara River in the latter days of the Upper Canada Rebellion after Mackenzie and 200 of his followers retreated from Toronto.
On December 29, Royal Navy Commander Andrew Drew and seven boatloads of Canadian militiamen crossed the Niagara River to Fort Schlosser. They captured the American supply steamer Caroline used by William Lyon Mackenzie and his rebels on Navy Island (see Caroline Affair). Drew's forces set the ship alight and sent it adrift towards Niagara Falls, resulting in the death of one American.
On January 13, 1838, Mackenzie abandoned Navy Island under heavy fire from British troops. He fled to Buffalo, New York, and was sentenced in the U.S. to 18 months imprisonment for violating neutrality laws between the United States and the British Empire.
The Republic Of Canada

A memorial plaque unveiling ceremony regarding two of the Founders of The Republic Of Canada in 1837 at their memorial tombstone in the Toronto Necropolis Cemetery.

"As they passed fellow prisoners on their way to the scaffold Lount is reported to have said, "We die in a good cause; Canada will yet be free."

Note, as of 2013 Canada is yet to be free from the Ruling Compact aka 1% aka Ruling Government & Corporatist Cult Members.

"MEMORIALS TO SAMUEL LOUNT AND PETER MATTHEWS In the Necropolis, 200 Winchester St. at Sumach St. east of Parliament St., facing the Don Valley Parkway, Toronto A fifteen-foot column rises over the grave, severed to show that the lives of these two martyrs, Samuel Lount and Peter Matthews, were cut off. It is at the western end of the Toronto Necropolis and can be viewed from Sumach St. They were executed 12 April 1838 for their part in the Rebellion of 1837. Matthews was a Pickering area farmer. Lount was a blacksmith who also farmed at Holland Landing. His wife, Elizabeth Lount, sought his freedom from the gallows, and helped with the mass petition calling for clemency, that was circulated throughout Upper Canada. Originally the executed men were buried in the Strangers' Burying Ground at the northwest corner of Bloor and Yonge Streets. Years later, on 28 November 1859, friends and sympathizers, including William Lyon Mackenzie, removed their bodies and both were buried in a common grave and the marker placed in position is still present. On 28 June 1893 the present column of granite with a motif of maple leaves was unveiled, "erected by their friends and sympathizers". One hundred years later on 28 June 1993 friends and family of Peter Matthews and Samuel Lount gathered to honour their memory and placed a new plaque correcting a genealogical error on the original stone." http://www.stonesofrebellion.ca/L&M_tombstone_text.html

Samuel Lount & Peter Matthews Memorial Ceremony 1993 Toronto Video Copyright 1993-2012 by Peter William Lount, Mount Thor Media Productions, All Rights Reserved, No commercial use without written permission. Raw unedited full length version. The Bag Pipe performer is a Matthew family member who plays the traditional Scottish Dirge, a somber public domain song expressing mourning or grief, such as would be appropriate for performance at a funeral. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dirge

Lount Family Network
A resource directory for the extended Lount family. If you are a member of the extended Lount family and would like to be added to the public Lount family list please contact Peter William Lount.

Possible Lount Family Name Variations
There are a number of possible variations on the Lount name: Lount, Blount, Lound, Lunt and Lund. Others may be Launt, Lounds, Lowndes, Lownds, Lowne, and Lownt. If you know any of the history behind these potential variations please let us know.

Blount maybe of Flemish origin. Does anyone know the history of Blount?

Notable Lounts In History
Samuel Lount A primary figure in the history of the Lount family in North America is Samuel Lount. A theatrically released full length feature film entitled "Samuel Lount" was made about him by his 4th generation niece, Elvira Lount

Samuel Lount Movie
Samuel Lount, the movie
Historical info
"... I will die like a man." - Samuel Lount

Cecil Blount De Mille A legendary American film maker. Does anyone know how Cecil Blount De Mille might be related to Blounts and Lounts? What are the connections between the Blounts and Lounts?

Jay T. Blount is the editor of the Hastings Law Journal.

A WM Blount was involved in the USA Constitution Debates. WM. Blount also signed the USA Constitution as representative from North Carolina

E. J. Lount (Lonate) went down with the ship Brother Jonathan in a ship wreck. "She was a fast ship and was well-liked by her crew and passengers. The wreck lies embedded in the sand and silt bottom at a depth of some 250 feet off St. George Reef, and to the southeast of Jonathan Rock. She began her life in the California Gold Rush boom and ended it in the West Coast trade." Excellent web site presentation including a short online video (18 minutes 17 seconds). Help reconstruct the family tree of E.J. Lount.

WM. Lount was involved in the Treaties between Her Majesty The Queen and The Chippewa and Cree Indians as a witness. (Second copy).

Mike C. Lount is involved in the protecting property tax rights of Canadian Tax Payers. In particular he won a significant court ruling in favour of tax payers being treated equally when their properties are similar. " ..reaffirmed in Lount, there is no doubt that there must be a fair and equitable relationship of assessments, and that if this relationship leads to an assessment which is lower than actual value then the taxpayer is entitled to that lower assessment.". Tips and Traps To Be Aware Of

Lount Family Tree
View the
Extended Lount Family Tree Main Page. The tree is in its beginnings. Please contribute your knowledge to the family tree even if you are a distant relative. Email to family_tree@lount.org. To get directly to the Extended Family Names Tree List or to the Lount Family Tree List by clicking these links. To get an alphabetical listing of everyone in the database so far click this link.

Decendents of Gabriel Lount
Gabriel Lount was, reportably, the first, but not only, Lount to come to North America from England. Most Lount's in North America seem to be decendents of Gabriel. For a full multi generational list of Gabriel's decendents click here. For a four generational visual tree of Gabriel's decendents click here (this takes a while due to the number of decendents that have been entered). Pam McCorquodale has been so kind as to provide us with scanned copies of Gabriel Lount's will and a draft transcription by her. You can find these files here.

Decendents of Charles Edward Lount
While most Lount's in North America are decended from Gabriel Lount some Lounts in North America seem to have decended from Charles Edward Lount, who came to North America in 1904 from the United Kingdom.

Family Tree Email List
Please send corrections, additions, and other comments to family_tree@lount.org email list. If you'd like to have your email address added or removed from this list please send a message to it indicating what you'd like. At the moment it's a manual list ( time permitting an automated list server will get installed to reduce the work load) so please allow some time for your change to be processed. Please ensure that the information that you contribute is accurate as possible, clear and unambigious if possible. Please keep paragraphs describing relationships as short and concise as possible. Please try to keep paragraphs to TWO generates at most - use another paragraph for each generation if possible.

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It seems that Family Tree Maker, a commercail geneology web site, has lots of entries when you search Family Tree Maker for Lount.. Unfortunately most of the entries require you to have an account to view the information.

Places Named Lount
There are a some places in the world named Lount.

15th Century Deep Mining at Lount Colliery - Now National Forest
The site is Rising Wood and lies within the boundary of The National Forest. The vicinity has a long history of deep mining dating back to the 15th Century and Lount Colliery can claim to be among the first in Europe (and the World) to employ deep-mine technology. In 1939 Lounts were listed as being involved in constructing equipment for coal mining in the Bristal area of England.

Middle Lount in Leicestshire, England. Leicestershire's Mining Industry in 1896 - A List of Coal Mines. Is Middle Lount is a coal mine or part of one?

Lount Lake
"Lount Lake is 75 miles north, and is very representative of the rugged, yet pristine beauty of the Canadian Wilderness. Found on the famous English River System which allows you thirty miles of well sheltered lake to travel...". Lount Lake Satelite Photo.

Lount Street, Barrie, Ontario, Canada.

Lount Street, Toronto , Ontario, Canada.

Blount Country, Alabama, USA. "Blount County was created by the Alabama Territorial legislature on 1818 Feb. 6, from land ceded to the Federal government by the Creek Nation on 1814 Aug. 9. It was named for Gov. Willie G. Blount of Tennessee, who provided assistance to settlers in Alabama during the Creek War of 1813-14."

"LIVINGSTON JOURNAL, SUMTER CO., ALABAMA, DEC. 3, 1875 - Henderson Ketchum of Blountsville died on the 23rd of wounds inflicted by Frank Gable." Does anyone know where Blountsville is? Miight it be in Blount or is that Lount (search twice) County, Alabama?. A country and a town.

Hamlet of Lount in Leicestshire, England. Liz Lount has some pictures which I'm sure she'll share when she gets a chance.

Lount Township seems to be in Ontario, Canada but these references are sketchy at best in that no localation details are revealed. Land Records, Archives of Ontario.

Lount Maurel seems to be in the USA somewhere and has at least one homeowner who made it into the news . ;--) Anyone know where this place is?

Lund a town in British Columbia, Canada is at the end of the Coast Highway 101. It's also where you catch a ferry to and from Savory Island - an amazing place which has the warmest and among the calmest ocean waters in Canada. How it's related to Lount is unknown (to the editor) at this time.

Other Things Named Lount
There are a some other things in the world named after Lount (or in this case a Blount).

Blounts Disease
"is a condition in which there is an unhealthy growth of the medial (inside) portion of the tibial growth plate at the knee...".

Spirit Lount. On a much more fun and bubbly note someone has named their mascott dog with the Lount name... They make wines - to drink! Not the wimpers from a dog! - Go figure... ;--)

New Lount Bowling Club
Not much info on this club, but it's in Leicestershire.You might find it through this page.

Lount History Links
Soules Family including Samuel Lount Soules
Samuel Lount Soules, 1825 - 1904.

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